The Concept

Neighbourhood Café with a taste of British Culture – St Francis Café & Gallery

{sfs} is the neighbourhood’s hang-out café and lifestyle gallery. Committed to gathering new and emerging talents from Hong Kong and abroad, the selection of coffee beans and lifestyle products is a careful curation of what we believe best represents ‘simplicity’ and ‘elegance’. The interior, equally simple and elegant, is designed by St Francis’ co-founder Mark Chan, a chartered architect who has returned from the UK having spent over 15 years in Europe. {sfs} is a space for collaborations, a space for musicians, designers and people from all walks of life with creative ideas.

Award-winning independent coffee roasts from the UK

{sfs} brings to Hong Kong not only a unique aroma, but moreover a lifestyle that the founders have brought back from the UK. Themselves active participants in the cultural and coffee scenes in London, Lo Wing and Mark Chan introduces to Hong Kong coffee lovers a selection of award-winning independent coffee roasts to add to the increasingly diverse choice of third-wave coffee available in Hong Kong. Accompanied with homemade pastry, the experience is not to be forgotten and will sure bring back memories for those who lived or traveled abroad.

{Nude Espresso}

Founded in 2008 by Richard Reed & Gerard Fisher, Nude is a small independently owned specialty coffee roaster based in East London. Despite its short history, Nude Espresso has been awarded “Winner of Independent Café of the Year” twice by the Café Society in the UK in 2010 & 2013. The duo’s desire to roast coffee that is simple, real and high quality, is the very reason {sfs} has approached Nude for this collaboration.

{Climpson & Sons}

Established in 2005, Climpson & Sons has since become known as one of the pioneers of the third wave coffee revolution. Climpson’s has, for three consecutive years, been selected as one of the ‘Top 30 Independent Coffee Venue” by the London Coffee Guide, and are themselves suppliers to some of the most renowned independent cafes and restaurants in London, such as Hawksmoor and Ottolenghi.

Simplicity & Elegance to take home

{sfs} aspires to collaborate with different designers to introduce lifestyle products representing in their own way, the simplicity and elegance we promote.

Ally Capellino is an established brand from the UK producing quality products with uniqueness and durability in mind. The label was launched in 1980 by Alison Lloyd, and has since established a reputation for simple, modern, and timeless products for both men and women. Ally has collaborated both with Apple and the Tate Gallery, and was amongst the first generation of British talent to achieve success in Japan. With two shops in London and products stocked in renowned department stores such as Liberty, Ally’s premier in Hong Kong at {sfs} is sure not to be missed.

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